Gas, Unstationed.


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About Us

Introducing WeFuel.
The “It Comes To You World”
Meets Your Fuel Tank.

Every day, in every way, the things that matter to our lives are coming to us.

It started with books, and now it’s just about everything you need, when you need it. Even the house call is coming back.

But there’s something that still forces us to get in our car, fight traffic, and go through a ritual that is more than 100 years old. Filling up our cars with gas. WeFuel is driven to change that. Instead of you going to the gas station, we are bringing your fuel to you. In small, safe, neighborhood-friendly trucks that meet your car wherever it happens to be hanging out. At home, at work, at the mall, at the movies. All controlled by a simple, intuitive app.

We call it “Gas, Unstationed”.

WeFuel isn’t just more convenient for you, it’s more sustainable for the planet. And time spent reading the meter is time not spent reading to your kids. With WeFuel, getting gas is finally something to get pumped about.

Because with us, getting gas is not just just filling. It’s fulfilling.

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We truly care about our customers.

Our mission is providing you
a unique and convenient experience
every time you need to refuel your car.